We run workshops in the art and craft of storytelling. Interactive and participatory, they are delivered virtually or in person, for individuals or groups. 


Stories connect people and are a compelling way to share information. Storytelling in a business or organisational setting helps to build rapport, create positive relationships and establish empathy.

It brings you – the storyteller – closer to your colleagues, clients and peers, giving insight into the values that drive you and your organisation. It can enhance your profile, strengthen your leadership skills and equip you to manage change.

Attend either our face-to-face or virtual workshops  and become a master storyteller. 



You will learn

What is a story, different ways of crafting stories, the art of strategic storytelling, the verbal and non-verbal techniques for powerful storytelling, how to build your personal storytelling library, off the cuff storytelling and how to deliver a story that resonates with your audience.

Storytelling Skills

This workshop will enable you to

Emotionally connect with your audience

Build rapport, credibility and trust

Create memorable messages

Convey ideas with passion

Persuade others

Communicate authentically

What Clients are Saying

“Claire’s storytelling workshop helped enhance our senior leaders’ ability to connect with internal and external audiences. Her insights, practical exercises and constructive feedback elevated the value of storytelling as a skill in business and as a competitive advantage.”

Michael George, Director of Communications and Patient Advocacy EMEA – Edwards Lifesciences, Nyon, Switzerland

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