We offer training in how to moderate lively and informative panel discussions. Discover how to manage attention span at virtual, hybrid and in person events. 

Moderating a panel

like a pro

A sought-after moderator and Master of Ceremonies, Claire shares her personalised and proven techniques that build your skills so that the panel discussion is informative, engaging and audience-centric.

The face-to-face or eWorkshops are a mix of theory, video analysis of good and bad practice, discussion, and practical exercises, including role-play.

You will learn

The role and responsibilities of the moderator, essential steps of preparation, the secrets of managing audience attention span in the virtual and in person world, effective use of visual, vocal and verbal communication channels, techniques for handling challenging panelists and audiences, strategies for managing nerves and keeping to time.



Effectively prepare for a panel discussion

Structure different discussion formats

Open and close with impact

Stimulate a lively, interactive and focused discussion

Handle challenging panelists and audiences

Keep to time and on track

Present with confidence

What Clients are Saying

“The training had great impact on my moderating skills. It gave me the ability to structure, ask powerful questions and handle challenging participants. Claire masters the subject and is a masterful trainer.

Alexandra Poch, Head of Service, European Observatory, EU Intellectual Property Organisation, Alicante


Claire is a trained CTI coach and can prepare you for a specific event, guiding you though the steps to take before moderating as well as how to be your best self on the day. She reviews video of you in action, giving constructive and insightful feedback. 


What Clients are Saying

“I highly recommend Claire as a coach and a trainer. Whether you are new to moderating or looking to invigorate your skills, you will benefit from her ability to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It was thanks to her that I am now often asked to moderate at events in Geneva.”

Dr Claire Somerville, Executive Director, The Gender Centre, Graduate Institute, Geneva

Hire a Professional

If you would like to hire a professional moderator, Claire can help you design your event, act as Master of Ceremonies, moderate panel discussions and facilitate group activities in a virtual, hybrid or non-virtual setting.  

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