Public Speaking Training

Presenting and speaking in public is a powerful way of conveying ideas creatively and with passion. It is a skill not a talent. But are nerves and lack of confidence holding you back from giving strong speeches or accepting speaking engagements that could reach a global or local audience?

If this is the case, our one-day or two-day course and coaching sessions can transform you into an inspiring and powerful communicator who delivers with impact and presence. You will make significant progress as we show you how to remain focused on your message and the audience.

Our trainers are experienced broadcasters, presenters and actors who draw on their journalistic and theatrical skills.

This course will enable you to:

  • Speak with confidence and conviction
  • Manage the audience’s attention span
  • Develop presence and charisma
  • Tell powerful and inspiring stories
  • Build rapport with the audience
  • Be natural on camera

You will learn:
strategies for managing stress, a blueprint for structuring an inspiring talk, tips for reading from a teleprompter, techniques for delivering a prepared speech, exercises on non-verbal communication, rhetorical techniques.

You will be video recorded and receive constructive feedback on developing your public speaking style.

We can also coach you one-on-one for a specific public speaking engagement.



Member of Voice and Speech Association


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