Develop the techniques to become a powerful presenter and speaker.

Presentation Skills

Confident presenting is an essential skill. Giving a presentation to colleagues, donors or other stakeholders that engage and persuade is not as simple as reading from a PowerPoint. Studies show that the human mind becomes distracted, if it is not constantly stimulated.

Attend our one and two-day  presentation skills workshops, and you will learn how to keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

Presentation Skills

This workshop will enable you to:

Manage nerves and build confidence

Prepare audience-centric presentations

Distill information into memorable messages

Use engaging support materials that reinforce your message

Improve your non-verbal communication

Handle questions and difficult audiences

You will learn:

Strategies for managing stress, essential steps of preparationmanaging audience attention span, communicating key messages, using the visual, vocal and verbal channels, avoiding “death by PowerPoint” and handling questions effectively.

What Clients are Saying

“Claire is an engaged and engaging trainer. The course helped me become a more powerful and persuasive presenter.”

Sigurd Gangnaes, Head of Human Resources, European Free Trade Association, Brussels.

Public Speaking

If you are asked to give a keynote speech, opening remarks or speak in public, this workshop will help you speak with confidence and passion so that your message sticks.


This workshop will enable you to:

Develop a more engaging delivery style

Speak with a more convincing voice

Influence through storytelling

Master the language of leadership

Connect emotionally with your audience

Speak off the cuff

You will learn:

Strategies for managing stress, a blueprint for structuring an inspiring talk, techniques for sounding natural when delivering speech, ways of developing a powerful and resonant voice , storytelling and rhetorical devices to make your speech memorable, and the art of improvisation.

Our approach

Claire and her team are experienced broadcasters, presenters, actors and moderators who apply their professional know-how to transform you into an inspiring and powerful presenters and public speakers.

You will be videotaped and given constructive feedback on developing your authentic speaking style

The workshops are designed for up to six people and are adapted to your needs.


Claire is a trained CTI coach and can prepare you for a specific presentation or public speaking engagement. She will work with you on crafting the speech, identifying communications objectives, audience and key messages as well as honing your delivering skills. 

Read more about speechwriting training here:

What Clients are Saying

Since we started working with Claire in 2014, we have consistently had positive feedback from participants who come away better equipped to speak in public with confidence and conviction. Her workshops are engaging, insightful and interactive.

Rabih Haddad, Manager Multilateral diplomacy programme UNITAR.

Find out more

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