Claire Doole

Claire Doole

Communications trainer, content producer and moderator.


Claire Doole - Claire Doole CommunicationClaire Doole is a former BBC journalist and international spokeswoman who is passionate about helping people communicate with confidence.

Since 2006, she has successfully trained hundreds of professionals in the art of presenting and public speaking, talking to the media, managing communications in a crisis, moderating panel discussions and effective writing. In addition, she has coached C-level executives and public figures to give powerful TEDx and TED style talks in Europe and the Middle East. In her training and coaching, Claire is committed to helping her clients gain powerful communication skills

Claire is also an accomplished content creator. She has produced hundreds of videos and video interviews for websites, social media platforms, events and conferences. She has written numerous articles for international organisations and her blogs appear on several Geneva and Brussels-based media outlets.

She is a highly experienced moderator and has facilitated panel discussions with government ministers, presidential candidates, heads of international agencies and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Claire also provides media relations services for organisations and companies running conferences and events.

Claire worked for 4 years as the Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in London and as Head of Media at WWF International.

For 14 years she worked for the BBC, reporting from Brussels, Geneva and London. She presented Europe Today on the BBC World Service and covered some of the major stories of the era – including the September 11th attacks, the death of Princess Diana and crash of Swissair flight from Newark to Geneva.

Claire is a certified trainer in English for non-native speakers. Fluent in English and French, she is a UK and Swiss national.

Claire and Emmanuel Claire with French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron at the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society.

Claire Doole Communication - Disturbing-the-Peace_Marie-de-Lutz_FIFDHClaire with Daniel Bar-Tal, Israeli academic and Ali Abu Awwad, Palestinian peace activist, at the International Human Rights Film Festival.

Human Rights Film Festival Claire Doole CommunicationClaire with Kristalina Georgieva, European Commission Vice President and Imad Najib Fakhouri, Jordanian Minister of Development.

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