Presentation Training

Confident presenting is an essential business skill. Giving a presentation to a client, manager or staff member that engages and persuades is not as simple as reading from a PowerPoint. Our half-day or one-day course helps you master the art of powerful presenting.

Our trainers are experienced broadcasters and presenters, who have prepared CEOs, senior and middle managers, and professionals from academics to accountants to present with impact.

During the course, you will be videotaped, and given constructive feedback and guidance on developing your presentation style. And if you are presenting to camera or on mike, we will also share with you tips and techniques on how to present by videoconference or webinar.



This is a course for anyone who wants to improve and gain confidence when presenting.

The course will enable you to:

  • Manage nerves and build confidence
  • Prepare inspiring and memorable presentations
  • Present with purpose, getting your message across clearly and concisely
  • Use engaging support materials to reinforce your message
  • Create a connection with the audience
  • Improve your non-verbal communication
  • Handle questions and difficult audiences

You will learn:
strategies for managing stress, essential steps of preparation, managing audience attention span, communicating key messages, using the visual, vocal and verbal channels, avoiding “death by PowerPoint”, and handling questions effectively.



We follow up with written feedback and recommendations to make sure you are ready for your next presentation.

The course is limited to six people.

We run coaching sessions for people who wish to prepare for a specific presentation. We can work with you on structure, content and delivery to ensure maximum impact and presence.



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