Training To Be A Moderator

How difficult can moderating a panel discussion be? People, who moderate frequently, will tell you it is an extremely difficult and stressful responsibility if you want to do it right. You have to know the topic under discussion, prepare nervous panelists and hold the audience’s attention, not to mention checking the microphones and arranging the seating.

We offer two to three-hour workshops and coaching sessions for groups or individuals who want to moderate panel discussions like a professional.

Our trainer, Claire Doole, a veteran BBC television correspondent and moderator, has facilitated conferences and panel discussions for numerous international agencies with top-level politicians and experts as panelists.

She will share with you the tips and techniques that professional moderators use and build your skills to achieve informative, engaging and audience-centric panel discussions.

Our workshops are limited to 12 people and are held on your premises.


Moderate Like A Professional Workshop

The workshop will enable you to:

  • Effectively prepare for a panel discussion
  • Structure different panel discussion formats
  • Open and close with impact
  • Stimulate a lively and engaging discussion
  • Handle challenging panelists and audiences
  • Keep a panel to time and on track
  • Moderate with confidence and conviction

You will learn: the role and responsibilities of the moderator, essential steps of preparation, the secrets of managing audience attention span, techniques for handling challenging panelists and audiences, strategies for managing nerves and keeping to time.

The workshop, designed to your needs, is a mix of theory, video analysis of good and bad practice, discussion and practical exercises.

Moderate Like a Professional

Two to three hour coaching sessions are open to anyone who is looking to improve their moderating style. Claire will videotape you and give feedback on content, structure and delivery.

Claire can also guide you through a specific moderating engagement, helping you prepare and giving feedback.

If you prefer to hire someone, Claire is available to moderate your session.

Claire can ensure your panel discussion is a lively, engaging, and audience-centered conversation. Have a look at her in action at the World Humanitarian Summit.

“Public speaking and panel moderation are communication skills we often need but rarely get the chance to learn from experts. Claire Doole draws on a vast professional experience, honed expertise and an intuitive gift for communicating across international audiences to coach public speakers. Highly recommended to all from novice speakers new to the public realm to regular panelists looking to perk up their performances.”

Dr Claire Somerville, Executive Director, The Gender Centre, Graduate Institute.

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